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Sirane's online portal for purchasing our medical/healthcare & lab supplies, including UN3373 compliant packaging

SIRANE are experts in UN3373 compliant packaging solutions.

Our UN3373 compliant packaging solutions include 95 kPa specimen transport bags, absorbent pads (a key component of UN3373 compliance), UN3373 envelopes & specimen transport bags (ADR), and rigid UN3373 outer boxes

Sirane is the leading manufacturer of UN3373 compliant packaging, and our team are able to provide expert advice on transporting biological samples, whether it’s by road or air. Here on Sira-Med, we have a range of standard off-the-shelf products available, for a fast and cost effective way of transporting specimen samples.

This is a highly regulated area, and our in-house technical and compliance managers are able to advise you on your packing requirements, and are able to provide a full assessment.

Our compliant packaging range, most of which is available to buy now from Sira-Med, includes

Our team can provide free training for your team on how to pack samples and the most cost-effective way to send these out, in order to comply with both UN3373 and P650 packing requirements.

If you require a quote for higher volumes, or for custom-branded UN3373 packaging (including bags/pouches, and rigid outer boxes), please get in touch. Our team would be please to provide a quote.