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Anti-slip absorbent floor mats

Anti-slip absorbent floor mats

Used in surgery, scrubs, maternity and more

    Sirane’s Anti-Slip Absorbent Floor Mats are absorbent mats which allow for a safer working environment in areas where excess fluids/liquids/oils etc could be a safety hazard. This includes operating theatres/surgery, scrubs areas, maternity and more.

    Originally developed for use in surgery, the Anti-Slip Absorbent Floor Mats have been designed to grip to the floor when wet. They can be used on both dry-floors and already wet-floors, and as there are no super-absorbent powders they don’t expand.

    Mats are available in two sizes as standard; 580×1000 with a 3L per square metre absorbency (120/box), and 840×1020 with a 5L per square metre absorbency (50/box). Mats can also be supplied on rolls, as either a 580mm by 30.5m roll, or an 840mm by 30.5m roll.

    • Can be used safely on both dry and already-wet floors
    • Simple disposal by incineration
    • Reduces the risk of slipping for a safer workspace
    • Quickly absorbs fluids – two levels of absorbency are available
    • Capillary action holds mat to floor once it is wet
    • Helps with fatigue
    • No super-absorbent powders used so mats won’t expand or swell

    Brand : Sirane

    Product Code : AM2