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Sirane's online portal for purchasing our medical/healthcare & lab supplies, including UN3373 compliant packaging

About Us

Sira-Med is the online trading portal for the Sirane Group's medical & healthcare and lab services & supplies divisions. Sirane is a UK-based manufacturer, specialised in 3 key areas: absorbency, bags/pouches/films and board. We manufacture and supply a wide range of medical and lab products (in particular for UN3373 compliant packaging systems), and can also offer kit assembly and fulfilment

As well as the stock items found on this website, we can offer custom manufacturing across all three areas of our expertise, with a huge range of absorbency products available, and a wide portfolio of bags and bags types/pouches available.

Sirane can also offer a wide range of medical & healthcare and laboratory products not included on this site, including absorbent tourniquet drapes, absorbent tray-liners, absorbents for mortuary use, autoclave bags, thermally-insulated bags/pouches and more.

If you want to know more about any product - or want bulk pricing on a product listed on this site - contact us at sales@sirane.com